[Video] Coronavirus quarantine has turned Amsterdam into a ghost town

[Video] Coronavirus quarantine has turned Amsterdam into a ghost town

With governments all over the world calling for their citizens to quarantine themselves and, in some cases, implementing total lockdowns, streets in cities around the world are empty.

Amsterdam is empty

In stark contrast to the usual throngs of people, this video shows the streets of Amsterdam barren and empty. While the Dutch government hasn’t enforced a total lockdown, shops, bars and restaurants are closed, although coffeeshops and a few other businesses can operate as pickup points only.

These measures have driven people to stay quarantined in their homes, making Amsterdam look and feel like a ghost town. The lack of the city’s usual hustle and bustle, with the silence only being broken by animal cries and traffic lights, makes for some pretty mesmerising footage. You can check out the striking video below.

William Nehra


William Nehra

William studied a masters in Classics at the University of Amsterdam. He is a big fan of Ancient History and football, particularly his beloved Watford FC.

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adilibert 06:53 | 27 March 2020

That was a great video, I am glad you guys managed to catch that empty scenery. I was out yesterday for grocery shopping and saw lots of people in the streets, and more than 3 people altogether specially because is sunny. Lots of couples wandering around too. For so many people the quarantine has not been taken seriously enough