Total value of all Dutch homes increased by over 173 billion euros in 2020

Total value of all Dutch homes increased by over 173 billion euros in 2020

It’s hard to ignore rising house prices across the Netherlands, but recent figures from Statistics Netherlands (CBS) have revealed exactly how much of a difference just one year made on the Dutch housing market. In 2020, the total value of all homes in the Netherlands increased by over 173 billion euros. 

Value of homes in the Netherlands now amounts to 2,4 trillion

Since 2014, Dutch house prices have been steadily rising across the country. While many expected the housing market to crash in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, the figures tell a very different story. 

According to CBS, 2020 was a major year for the Dutch housing market, as the combined value of all houses in the Netherlands rose by a whopping 173.563 billion euros over the course of 12 months. Houses and the land on which they are built are now worth more than 2,4 trillion euros in total.

The Netherlands just keeps getting richer

This significant price increase has had a notable impact on the country’s non-financial assets: figures from CBS reveal that the total non-financial assets of families, companies and the Dutch government rose to almost 4,2 trillion euros last year. 

“Everything and everyone has become richer,” says CBS chief economist Pieter Hein van Milligen.

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