UvA Talen makes online language learning fun

UvA Talen makes online language learning fun


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Do you want to improve your language skills? UvA Talen is the leading language centre in Amsterdam, serving internationals from around the world.

UvA Talen offers a wide range of fast-paced and communicative online courses in Dutch, English and 10 other languages, ranging from elementary to advanced level. Each year, over 2.000 students complete a course at UvA Talen, earning an internationally recognised language level certificate.

Distance learning: 30% off

Due to the coronavirus, all courses will be offered online. Starting April 6, UvA Talen is offering live online group and tailor-made courses in 12 different languages with a 30% discount. Enrol now!

Group language courses 

UvA Talen offers group courses in Dutch, English, Spanish, French, Italian, German, Portuguese, Russian, Chinese, Swedish, Arabic and Japanese. UvA Talen’s evening courses commence three times a year and include all 12 languages. During these courses, you work on your listening, speaking, reading, writing and grammar skills, and rapidly build up your vocabulary.

If you want to improve your Dutch or English in a short period of time, UvA Talen offers intensive daytime courses, starting every four weeks. During these courses, your language proficiency will advance by up to two levels on the CEFR scale.

Weekend and summer courses

Especially for hard-working expats and international students, UvA Talen now also offers Dutch courses at the weekend! Moreover, every summer you can join one of UvA Talen’s daytime summer courses to learn a new language in a fast and fun way.

Tailor-made courses

In addition to group courses, UvA Talen offers tailor-made courses designed to suit your specific needs and schedule.

These include industry-specific corporate courses, individual programmes and courses in preparation for international exams such as IELTS and Cambridge English Qualifications.

Because the individual courses are tailor-made to meet your particular requirements, the possibilities are endless. Request a quote, or contact UvA Talen directly for more information.

Improve your language skills now!

Interested in improving your language skills? Go to the UvA Talen website. Do you want to get an idea of your current level? Try the free language test on the UvA Talen website!

Did you know…

Did you know that UvA Talen is one of the largest translation agencies in Amsterdam? The UvA Talen translation department is ISO certified, uses professional and sworn translators and editors, and offers free follow-up care.

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