[Utrecht University] Wanted: old laptops for Congo

Do you have an old left-over laptop that still works but that you want to get rid of? It could be of great use in the Congo!

If you have a left-over laptop, please contact PhD candidate Judith Verweijen (Centre for Conflict Studies) j.e.c.verweijen[at]uu[dot]nl before October 5 and she may give your laptop a new life as a powerful instrument in an African conflict zone.

Various researchers at the Centre for Conflict Studies conduct field research in conflict zones in Africa. PhD candidate Judith Verweijen is one of them: she does research in the Kivu provinces of eastern Democratic Republic of the Congo.

Judith Verweijen: "I always work with local research assistants, often young university graduates, journalists or human rights activists. Unfortunately, many of them are not in the possession of a computer, which substantially hinders their possibilities for writing reports and articles. This is a real missed opportunity from the point of view of diffusing independent information, including criticism of power abuses, and developing research and writing skills."

Source: Utrecht University



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