US lifts COVID-19 entry ban for all vaccinated travellers

US lifts COVID-19 entry ban for all vaccinated travellers

New travel rules introduced by the US government mean that, starting November 8, any travellers who aren’t American citizens or residents will once again be allowed to travel to America if they are fully vaccinated against COVID-19.

White House lifts entry ban for the Netherlands

While the US did briefly open its borders for travel over the summer, rising infections in Europe meant the government once again issued a blanket travel ban for all Schengen countries, including the Netherlands. Under this travel ban, only US citizens and people with permanent US residency were able to enter the country. 

However, from next month these rules will be relaxed slightly for anyone wishing to visit America. As of November 8, the entry ban will no longer apply to travellers who want to fly to the US as long as they are fully vaccinated against COVID-19. 

Travellers must be vaccinated and present a negative COVID-19 test

Travellers are considered fully vaccinated if they received their last dose at least two weeks before the date of travel. Vaccinated travellers will also be required to present a negative coronavirus test (either antigen or NAAT) that must be a maximum of three days old. 

There are a handful of exceptions to the new travel rules. The following groups will not be required to be vaccinated:

  • Children under 18
  • Those unable to be vaccinated due to medical reasons
  • Emergency travellers who didn’t have timely access to a vaccine

All travellers aged two years or older who are not vaccinated must present a negative coronavirus test that is a maximum of 24 hours old, or proof of recovery from COVID-19 in the last 90 days. This rule also applies to US citizens and residents who are unvaccinated.

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