Unvaccinated travellers must get tested before returning to the Netherlands

Unvaccinated travellers must get tested before returning to the Netherlands

New travel rules that came into effect on Sunday, August 8, mean that all travellers returning from code yellow areas who don’t have a so-called coronavirus certificate in the CoronaCheck app must get tested for COVID-19 before returning to the Netherlands. 

Mandatory coronavirus testing for unvaccinated travellers 

Up until Sunday, only travellers returning from certain (high) risk areas were required to present a coronavirus certificate. But, at the end of July, the Dutch government adjusted its travel advice, adopting a new system that requires travellers returning from yellow countries (caution, safety risks) in the EU to present either proof of vaccination, proof of recent recovery, or a recent negative coronavirus test upon arriving in the Netherlands.

The new rule means that any unvaccinated holidaymakers will have to get tested for coronavirus before travelling to the Netherlands. Both PCR tests and antigen tests will be valid, but they can be no more than 48 and 24 hours old respectively. Travellers will have to cover the costs of the tests themselves.

The rule applies to all travellers aged 12 and above, regardless of the mode of transport. The Dutch government has set up a website that allows travellers to check where they can get tested in their holiday destinations. Anyone travelling by car without the necessary papers will risk a fine of 95 euros, whereas those travelling by plane, boat, train, or coach will not be allowed to board the vehicle.

German restrictions lifted for travellers from the Netherlands

While many holidaymakers now face slightly stricter travel restrictions, the drop in the number of coronavirus cases in the Netherlands means the country is no longer classified as high risk by the German government. As a result, a number of strict entry requirements for Dutch travellers have been lifted. 

As of Sunday, travellers from the Netherlands arriving in or travelling through Germany no longer have to register their arrival in the country with the German health authorities and are not required to quarantine. However, everyone over the age of 12 still needs to present either proof of vaccination, proof of recovery from COVID-19, or a recent negative coronavirus test.

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