Unpredictable autumn weather across the Netherlands on Wednesday

Unpredictable autumn weather across the Netherlands on Wednesday

Dutch weather is notoriously unpredictable - regardless of the season, you’re never quite sure if you should pack an umbrella or sunglasses, or indeed both!

Got plans for the autumn school holidays? It might be worth noting that Wednesday, October 21 will offer a prime example of the Netherlands' changeable climate, as parts of the country battle heavy winds, and others bask in temperatures of up to 20 degrees. 

Heavy winds along the Dutch coast

Areas along the Dutch coast, and the Wadden islands to the north of the Netherlands, can expect strong winds throughout Wednesday afternoon and evening. The islands and the province of Friesland can expect winds between 75 and 90 kilometres per hour, while the west coast (i.e. Scheveningen) can get ready for winds of up to and exceeding 100 kilometres per hour. 

There is also a small chance that the heavy southwest winds will develop into a storm, however, Weeronline says this is unlikely. To be classified as an official storm, winds would have to maintain an average force of 9 for at least one hour. As night falls and Thursday arrives, the winds will calm gradually. 

Warm autumn temperatures in the Netherlands

In spite of the heavy winds, many parts of the country will experience unseasonably high temperatures. Cities like Amsterdam, The Hague and Rotterdam could reach highs of 18 degrees, while cities further inland and further south, like Utrecht and Eindhoven, could even experience temperatures up to 20 degrees. 

Don’t get too excited though. You may be able to leave the heavy winter coat at home on Wednesday, but you will probably still need a raincoat. Cities across the Netherlands can expect thick clouds and rain showers throughout the day. 

After Wednesday, the temperatures are expected to return to typical temperatures for this time of year, but the wind will die down and the clouds will clear a little. Friday and Saturday will see temperatures between 14 and 17 degrees, and Sunday afternoon should see the sun make an appearance.

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