Unemployment rates in the Netherlands increased

A new CBS study has revealed that the number of people unemployed in the Netherlands rose by 16.000 in June.

Sharp increase

Over the past three months, the average monthly increase in unemployment has stood at 11.000. However June's figures (an increase of 8,5%) signify an alarming shift.

Unemployment rates in the Netherlands now stand at 675.000 people. This means that 6,8% of the Netherlands' potential labour force is currently without work, compared to 6,6% in May.

Who & Why?

These figures could be due to the difficulty of finding a job in harsh economic times. But it is interesting that unemployment has increased most notably amongst the older working generation.

While the number of unemployed 25-45 year olds increased by a monthly average of 2.000, this figure reached 7.000 amongst the over-45s. Unemployment amongst under-25s actually decreased, albeit marginally.

However, this could just be a reflection of the number of older workers in employment. Over-45s already comprise a larger proportion of the work force to begin with, so unemployment fluctuations in this category resound more heavily.

The sectors which are creating the largest proportion of unemployment are health-care and trade.

Unemployment benefits up too

The study also revealed that the number of people claiming WW (unemployment) benefits in June increased by 1% compared to May.

This figure has risen by 12% over the past half-year and now stands at 382.000 claimants. Once again, the over-45 category comprised the biggest increase in this section. Conversely, the number of claimants under 25 decreased by 3%.

One potential reason for this decrease could be young people's affinity with the internet. Under-25s are likely to be aware of online recruitment agencies, while over-45s are less likely to be familiar with such websites. This can decrease their exposure to potential jobs.

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