Unemployment rate: Dutch cities & provinces

According to Statistics Netherlands, the unemployment rate in the four major Dutch cities is above the nationwide average:
 The Hague had the most dramatic increase (5,5 to 6,8)
 Rotterdam had the highest rate (8,8 percent)
 The rate in Amsterdam remained somewhat stable (6,6 percent)
Utrecht was the only major city in the Netherlands with unemployment rate (5,2 percent) below the nationwide average

Moreover, unemployment rose from 4,8 to 5,4 percent in most Dutch provinces:
 Substantial unemployment growth in South Holland (4,9 to 5,9 percent)
 Most noticeable in The Hague (5,5 to 6,8 percent)
 Drench and Overijssel remained stable
 Zeeland had the lowest unemployment rate (nearly 4 percent)

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