Uber hopes to be emission-free in Amsterdam by 2025

Uber hopes to be emission-free in Amsterdam by 2025

Uber has announced its hopes that, by 2025, all of the vehicles operating on behalf of Uber in Amsterdam will emit no harmful substances. 

Uber Amsterdam going green

Operating primarily as a vehicle-for-hire and delivery service, the company started operating in the Netherlands in 2012, and since then also launched Uber Eats in 2016. Uber is aiming to be fully emissions-free by 2040, meaning that all journeys must be carried out by zero-emission vehicles, public transport, and other clean solutions. 

According to plans revealed by the company, at least 50 percent of the total kilometres travelled in seven European capitals will be driven by emission-free vehicles by 2025. The European cities the company has chosen to focus on are Berlin, Brussels, Lisbon, London, Madrid, Paris, and, of course, Amsterdam. 

Uber has extended these plans for the Dutch capital, meaning that not only 50 percent, but 100 percent of the distances travelled will be done in emission-free vehicles. They have also increased efforts to provide green travel. They recently launched Uber Green in Amsterdam and Rotterdam, which offers customers the opportunity to, for an additional two euros, book an electric car.

The rise of electric cars in the Netherlands

Uber’s push for greener transport in Amsterdam isn’t entirely surprising, as the Netherlands has recently pushed for members of the public to trade in their gas-guzzlers for electric alternatives. By 2030, all new cars on the road will hopefully be electric. 

In July, the Dutch government launched a subsidy scheme for everyone who buys an electric car. Furthermore, the government teamed up with municipalities across the country to funnel more money into establishing a national network of charging stations for electric cars.

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