Two-week wait for vaccination certificate comes into effect today

Two-week wait for vaccination certificate comes into effect today

After concerns were raised about people going to events and nightclubs after only just receiving their coronavirus vaccine, the Dutch government has decided to introduce a waiting period of two weeks for anyone who is fully vaccinated and wishes to make use of a vaccination certificate in the CoronaCheck app

New two-week wait for fully vaccinated people in the Netherlands

Initially, Health Minister Hugo de Jonge had said he wanted to waive a waiting period in order to encourage young people to get vaccinated - if they got the Janssen vaccine in the afternoon they would, for example, be able to go on a night out with friends on the same day. But, with coronavirus cases once again on the rise in the Netherlands, experts called for the government to rethink the policy.

In order to hopefully curb the further spread of the virus, the government has opted to introduce a two-week wait for fully vaccinated people. Instead being able to access and download their coronavirus QR code as soon as possible after being vaccinated, from July 10, they will have to wait two weeks after receiving their (second) jab. This means that if they want to go to an event before the waiting period is over, they will have to get tested for coronavirus.

This new rule will also apply to anyone travelling to the Netherlands using the new EU COVID-19 Certificate. Travellers arriving in the Netherlands must be fully vaccinated, and must have received their final dose at least two weeks before their trip, or they will have to present proof of a recent negative coronavirus test.

All existing certificates will remain valid

As the rule change comes into effect on July 10, all vaccination certificates issued before July 10 will remain valid. But the government urges those who have been vaccinated less than 14 days ago to exercise caution. 

A number of other countries across Europe have enforced a two-week waiting period for fully vaccinated people, as it is generally believed that between two and four weeks are needed for the vaccines to take effect and offer protection against COVID-19.

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