Two ponies found in repossessed Dutch rental van

Two ponies found in repossessed Dutch rental van

A van rental company had a surprise when they were tasked with repossessing one of their vehicles from a renter who had not returned the vehicle. When they took the van back into their possession, the rental company found the vehicle contained two neglected ponies. 

Two neglected ponies found in repossessed rental van

The ponies, which were described by the police as “neglected”, were seized by the authorities and handed over to experts who could help the horses on the road to recovery. As part of the seizure, the police also took away a number of pets, including a kitten and a dog - both were found to be in a poor state. 

The police have not confirmed if they are pursuing any arrests for animal abuse in relation to the case.

The rental company repossessed the vehicle without knowing about the live cargo 

The man who offered the van for rental, who is from Waddinxveen near Gouda in South Holland, drove to the house of the person who rented the van in order to repossess the vehicle. Here, the van’s owner was able to repossess the van and drive it back to Waddinxveen, but was not informed by the renter that it contained live cargo. 

Only on arriving back in Waddinxveen was it discovered that the neglected horses were inside, which is when the police were called to take over the case.

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