Two people get stuck in quicksand on Texel in the space of a week

Two people get stuck in quicksand on Texel in the space of a week

Two people have found themselves stuck in quicksand on the Dutch island of Texel within just days of one another. The two individuals were both faced with the terrifying experience of becoming stuck in quicksand, which has been known to injure people, before they were eventually freed.

Victims got stuck in the sand on two different areas of Texel

The first victim, a man from Den Burg, got stuck in quicksand on December 26. Thankfully, bystanders were able to help the man pull himself out from the sand on a beach located near Texel’s iconic lighthouse. He managed to escape from the quicksand unharmed. 

Just days later, another person, this time a woman, was walking on the beach at Paal 31 in De Cocksdorp when she was caught in the quicksand. She was unable to get out of the quicksand on her own, and the emergency services were called to help rescue her. 

Eventually, the fire brigade was able to free the woman from the sand, and she was able to return to her home in an ambulance after being checked for any injuries. Following the ordeal of the first man, more signage has been added to inform people about the presence of quicksand on the island.

Quicksand can cause serious injuries if beachgoers get stuck

Though it’s not like the movies, where quicksand routinely kills people in Hollywood dramatisations of a beach day gone wrong, the sand can cause serious injury to some people. Due to the density of the sand, it is impossible for an individual to sink completely under the sand, but there is a risk of becoming stuck deep in the sand before the tide washes in, causing people to drown. 

Experts recommend resisting the urge to kick your legs around if you become trapped in quicksand, saying that you should rather opt to try and attract the attention of bystanders who could help pull you out or call the emergency services

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