Tropical temperatures paired with storms today in the Netherlands

Tropical temperatures paired with storms today in the Netherlands

It looks like summer weather is coming to the Netherlands today, with some parts of the country expected to experience a tropical 30C. The rest of the country won’t be left behind either, with warm temperatures, albeit cooler than 30C, forecast throughout the land.

It’s hot, hot, hot

The day is expected to begin pretty sunny, with temperatures rising quickly to around 22C in the west and 26C in the east of the country by 11am! The skies may not be completely clear, however, with clouds moving from the southwest to the northeast, and the possibility of storms increasing as they journey along.

The afternoon will be humid, with temperatures of 24C to 26C anticipated in the west, 25C to 28C in the middle of the Netherlands and 28C to 29C in the east. In the far east of the country, it could even reach a tropical 30C! With the humidity level at 50 to 65 percent, it’s not exactly a pleasant heat - more that sticky heat we all know and do not love.

Whilst we will be experiencing some long-awaited summer temperatures, these will unfortunately be paired with storms. The most severe showers are expected in the second half of the afternoon and first part of the evening. Rain won’t be the only guest at the party either, as hail and strong winds of up to 90km/h, and 100km/h in some places, will also be there to join in.

What about the rest of the week?

It seems as though the rest of the week will see temperatures that are normal for this time of year. On Thursday, June 20, there’s a possibility of showers and a storm in the afternoon. Highs of 19C to 22C are forecasted. On Friday, June 21, we can expect temperatures of around 18C to 22C. Friday also happens to be the start of astronomical summer.

The weekend looks promising, with Saturday staying dry and the sun shining, albeit with some clouds in the sky. Temperatures are also pleasant, at about 19C to 23C. On Sunday, June 23, warm air will reach the Netherlands and bring the temperature up to 23C to 27C. The sun will also be shining on Sunday - time to get the sunscreen and beach clothes out of your cupboard!


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