Tropical temperatures on their way to the Netherlands

Tropical temperatures on their way to the Netherlands

The past week has seen the Netherlands face both thunderstorms and gorgeous sunny days - but hotter weather is on the way this week. 

Tropical temperatures on the way

Temperatures are on the rise this week, with experts reporting that the hottest is yet to come. Today will see clear blue skies and highs of up to 28 degrees this afternoon in some parts of the country, with Limburg and Brabant experiencing the hottest weather.

Wednesday will welcome the first of several days of tropical weather, with temperatures rising up to 30 or 31 degrees on Wednesday afternoon. Temperatures are expected to stay this high on Thursday and Friday as well. 

The weekend may see storms and the temperatures will drop slightly, but the summer weather is expected to continue into the start of next week.

For the weather to officially be classed as a national heatwave, temperatures in De Bilt (a town near Utrecht) need to stay above 25 degrees for at least five days, with three of those days reaching temperatures above 30. 

Sunny days out

The nice weather makes it difficult to want to stay indoors. Considering a beach day? Seawater along the Dutch coast is at about 18 degrees, perfect for a cooling dip on a hot summer day.

As well as hot weather, we can expect a lot of sunshine. The second half of this week will see a UV index of between 7 and 8 every day, so be sure to look after yourself and carry sunscreen with you!

Summer temperatures in the Arctic Circle

Siberia recorded temperatures of 38 degrees on Saturday, 18 degrees higher than the average maximum daily temperature in June. 38 degrees marks the highest temperature ever recorded in the Arctic Circle, but the record is yet to be verified. The warm weather has also led to forest fires in the area. 

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