Tropical storm Lorenzo to pass over the Netherlands on Friday

Tropical storm Lorenzo to pass over the Netherlands on Friday

The tropical storm Lorenzo has weakened significantly and will pass over the Netherlands on Friday, October 4. Whilst this may sound like a big deal, we don’t actually have to worry, as the storm will only bring us a lot of rain- something we are quite used to, Dutch weather and all that.

Lorenzo’s course

Earlier this week, Lorenzo was a category five storm, the highest category. With this, Lorenzo was classed as the strongest hurricane in the north-eastern part of the Atlantic Ocean since the registration of hurricanes. However, in the past couple of days, the tropical storm has weakened, as its northern course has meant that it has had little contact with warm water.

When Lorenzo gets to the Netherlands on Friday it will have weakened even more, so we don’t need to worry that there will be a storm. It could, however, cause problems for Ireland, which it’ll hit on Thursday.

More rain in the Netherlands

No storms for us, luckily, Lorenzo, or what’s left of the storm, will only bring us oodles of rain and some clouds. The wind will be moderate to strong and the temperature in the south could reach above 15C, whilst it is quite possible that it won’t get above 10C in the north of the country.

Luckily, Lorenzo will have left the Netherlands by Saturday and be above Germany. On Saturday, the weather will be pretty mild for us here in the Netherlands, dry in most places and with periods of sun.

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