Treitervlogger voted 2016 word of the year

Treitervlogger has been voted Van Dale’s Word of the Year (Woord van het jaar), scoring 35 percent of votes.

The term is used to describe a video blogger who makes short videos around his neighbourhood often with a mischievous twist, playing tricks on people generally for his own amusement.

Treitervlogger was coined after 19 year old video blogger (vlogger) Ismail Ilgun began making videos around his neighbourhood of Poelenburg in Zaandam, which often involved harassing and threatening young people.

Though he became notorious for his provocative videos, they eventually led to him being arrested for sedition.

The runners up

With more than 100.000 votes in total, Pokémonterreur (Pokémon terror) came second with 23 percent of the votes. It refers to Pokémon Go players that are considered a nuisance.

In third place was Trumpisme (Trumpism), referring to an extreme form of conservatism and mistrust in the state. The term was coined just after Donald Trump became president of The United States of America.

Honourable mentions

The following words also scored high during the Van Dale vote for the Word of the Year:

Brexodus: A play on "exodus", which refers to companies that left Britain as a result of Brexit.

Sjoemelzaad (Shoddy-seed): A word that refers to shoddy donor sperm.

Mediaweigeraar (Media objector): Someone who has no faith in what traditional media is reporting.

 Thuisterrorist (Home terrorist): This term describes a supporter of the Islamic State that conducts terrorism in their own country.

 Plascontract (Puddle contract): This word refers to residents of nursing homes that only go to the bathroom a certain number of times per day.

Our southern neighbours in Belgium have also released their word of the year, "Samsonsex". Some 43 percent of voters in Belgium voted for the word, which refers to couples having sex while their children watch television, namely the children’s programme, Samson en Gert.

Winners in previous years

2015: sjoemelsoftware (cheating software) 
2014: rampvlucht (disaster flight)
2013: participatiesamenleving (participation society)
2012: plofkip (chickens bred for fast maturation)
2011: weigerambtenaar (refusing to marry same-sex couples)

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