Travellers from the Netherlands won’t pay roaming charges in the UK

Travellers from the Netherlands won’t pay roaming charges in the UK

While a number of British telecom providers have said UK travellers will be required to pay roaming charges when travelling in the EU, three major Dutch providers have reassured their customers by announcing that they won’t pay roaming charges when in the United Kingdom. 

KPN, T-Mobile, and Vodafone won't reintroduce roaming charges

Customers with KPN, T-Mobile, and Vodafone will not be charged extra when using their mobile phones in the UK, even after Brexit. This recent announcement means the providers are sticking to the promise they made customers at the end of last year before Britain officially left the EU. 

This means that anyone in the Netherlands who has a contract with KPN, T-Mobile, or Vodafone will not face extra costs for using their phone in the UK.

Post-Brexit: Roaming in Europe

Since the summer of 2017, providers across the EU have changed their customers for using data or for calling or texting when abroad. Some providers also lifted the additional charges for some non-EU countries, and so many were hopeful that Brexit wouldn’t lead to additional costs being re-introduced for the UK. 

Customers with the British provider EE will be charged two pounds per day to use their mobile phone when travelling in the EU, meanwhile, another major provider, O2, tightened their maximum data limit for customers travelling in the EU.

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