Travel between the Netherlands and Germany brought to a standstill by strikes

Travel between the Netherlands and Germany brought to a standstill by strikes

Anyone intending to travel to or via Germany on Monday, March 27 will likely see their plans majorly disrupted by a nationwide strike among airport and public transport workers in the federal republic. Dozens of flights and trains between the Netherlands and Germany have already been cancelled. 

Nationwide strikes bring German transportation to a halt on March 27

Last week it was confirmed that long-distance trains, public transport and flights in Germany would all be affected by a national transport strike on March 27, as workers battle for a 10,5 percent increase in wages

While workers in the Netherlands aren’t taking part in Monday’s strike, the industrial action in Germany is certainly having knock-on effects on transportation here in the Low Lands. Those planning to travel to or via Germany have been warned to expect significant delays. 

Schiphol Airport cancels 100 incoming and outgoing flights

With staff at all but one German airport downing tools on Monday, practically all flights between Dutch airports and Germany have been cancelled, leading to chaos for thousands of travellers, especially at Schiphol Airport. 

Schiphol has confirmed that almost 100 outgoing and incoming flights have been cancelled, affecting various airlines including KLM, Lufthansa and Eurowings. More specifically, practically all flights to and from Frankfurt and Munich have been cancelled, while Dusseldorf Airport has warned travellers that “many flights” have been disrupted by the strikes.

NS: No trains running between the Netherlands and Germany

With train travel also brought to a standstill, Nederlandse Spoorwegen (NS) has warned passengers that no trains are running between the Netherlands and Germany, affecting international services between Venlo and Dusseldorf, Arnhem and Emmerich, and Heerlen and Aachen. 

The strikes also spell disruption for any trains that travel via Germany. Trains between Amsterdam and Frankfurt or Berlin have been cancelled, as well as night train services between the Netherlands and Switzerland or Austria.

Dutch and German roads also expected to be busier on Monday

The disruption to train and air travel means roads in and into Germany are expected to be busier than normal, and drivers have been warned to prepare for significant delays and long traffic jams. The situation is likely to be exacerbated by the fact that Germany's biggest trade union ver.di has also called for strikes among workers at the company that maintains and manages German roads.

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