Trains from Eindhoven to Amsterdam every 7,5 minutes a possibility

Trains from Eindhoven to Amsterdam every 7,5 minutes a possibility

The number of train passengers in the Netherlands is steadily increasing and is estimated to grow by 40 percent in the next 10 years. ProRail, NS and other stakeholders feel that the current number of train services could be further increased to accommodate said passenger growth.

The 10-minute train is out-dated

For some, the 10-minute Intercity train, scheduled six times an hour from Eindhoven to Amsterdam, is not always the quickest way to travel. This is due to connecting trains which leave the passenger waiting, as they only come once every 15 minutes or half an hour.

In joint future plans, NS ProRail and other stakeholders have determined that with a few clever adjustments trains could run every 7,5 minutes. Trains will not only run eight times an hour on the Amsterdam – Eindhoven route, but also on other busy routes. This will ensure that passengers have more connecting train options and create more capacity.

According to a spokesperson for ProRail, “If you look carefully, we can get more out of the railway network”. For example, “by letting more trains travel closer behind each other, you can get more capacity out of the same railway track”, says ProRail chief executive Pier Eringa.

Reintroduction of the high-speed train

In order to fill the gap between the Intercity and Sprinter trains, the high-speed train will be reintroduced. According to ProRail, soon a high-frequency Airport Sprinter will run between Schiphol and Amsterdam. ProRail also sees possibilities for extra express trains between Breda, Tilburg and Utrecht.

Passengers association Rover is all for reintroducing the high-speed train as a third travel option in addition to the Intercity and Sprinter, viewing it as the means to quickly transport passengers to and from Dutch cities and especially necessary for commuters. Chairman of Rover, Freek Bos, argues that better parking facilities are also needed at stations for bikes and cars, as many passengers travel to train stations using these.

In order to improve the rail network and increase the number of train services, extra investment is needed according to NS. More tracks will need to be laid to prevent congestion and platforms at some stations may need to be expanded to allow for longer trains, take Almere for example.

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