Tourist tax set to increase in Amsterdam

Tourist tax set to increase in Amsterdam

Those wanting to visit Amsterdam on a budget ought to be aware of the new plans for tourism taxes, which will come into effect in 2019.

Fixed tourism fees

There are currently five plans for increasing tourist taxes in Amsterdam, one of which will be chosen once the local elections have taken place and the new city council members have been appointed.

However, Alderman of Finance, Udo Kock, does have a preference. The alderman plans on charging 10 euros extra tax per tourist on top of the five percent tax that tourists already pay for their accommodation. This extra tax applies to anyone staying in an Airbnb, hotel or bed & breakfast.

If this plan is put into place, another 150 million euros in tax will be brought in through tourism, in addition to the 80 million euros already received every year.

Increase in tourism numbers

In the last few years, the number of tourists visiting Amsterdam has increased, and is set to rise from 17 million to 23 million in the next few years. Whilst an increase in tourism brings extra capital, it also brings more waste, litter and a need for more Dutch police officers on the streets. The taxes are thus necessary to address the additional needs tourism creates, and of all the tourists, those travelling on a budget will be affected the most.

Contributing to the city

Kock wants to influence the growth of tourism and ideally have as many tourists as possible contribute to the city by staying multiple evenings, visiting museums and eating out, as opposed to budget tourists who generally spend less in the city.

The proposed taxes will not stop the stream of tourists visiting Amsterdam, however, it may make them consider staying in another Dutch city.

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