TOSS in Holland: The one-stop shop for working and living in the Netherlands

TOSS in Holland: The one-stop shop for working and living in the Netherlands


If you are an expat wanting to work and live in the Netherlands, then there is a lot coming to you. The most logical order is for you to find a job and a place to stay first. Once these have been sorted, all sorts of rules, applications and processes come your way. You want to make sure that everything is arranged properly so you won’t face any surprises once you arrive in the Netherlands. This can be a daunting prospect, especially as the Netherlands is a foreign country with rules and customs you might not be used to.

How nice would it be to just let one company assist you with arranging all these processes while having a single point of contact? Enter TOSS in Holland. With their one-stop shop solution, TOSS makes sure that moving, living and working in the Netherlands and every related process runs as smoothly as possible.

What services does TOSS in Holland offer?

TOSS offers several vital services for people planning on moving to the Netherlands. From immigration services to tax advice, TOSS has got you covered. 

Immigration and registration services

With their immigration services, TOSS makes sure that all your documents are in order when you come to work in the Netherlands. The process to get approval from the IND takes about 3-4 weeks. TOSS will make sure that your residence permit and work permit are in order and will assist you with collecting your residence card, BSN registration, health insurance registration and opening your Dutch bank account.

TOSS offers several vital expat services, including housing, rental, and tax advice

EOR / Payroll services

In the Netherlands, it is mandatory for employers to have an IND sponsorship if they want to hire an expat. Not all companies have one, as there are many rules and requirements involved. So, chances are you're limited to working for a company that is not affiliated with the IND or does not meet the government requirements for your direct hire.

TOSS makes it possible for you to work for any company, through their payroll construction. This means TOSS acts as your sponsor. They will employ you and second you to the company in question.

Recruitment service

At TOSS, the team knows how to assist you in finding a job. For the last 20 years, TOSS has been working with specialised international companies, expatriates and international recruiters, amassing a recruitment large network. TOSS's recruitment platform brings employers and job seekers together and their in-house recruiters make the best match possible.

Housing and furniture rental

TOSS knows better than anyone how difficult it is to find a home on the Dutch housing market nowadays, which is why they are constantly expanding their housing portfolio to give expats a chance in the Dutch labour market. In addition, TOSS offers the possibility to rent complete home interiors, with their label: TOSS Furniture. These are delivered turn-key; your house is already furnished when you arrive. Sound good?

30% ruling and other tax-related issues

As an expatriate in the Netherlands, you are entitled to the 30% ruling. This is a tax benefit which was created to compensate for the costs of coming to the Netherlands. However, there are conditions attached to this regulation and you have to provide certain documents. TOSS helps you apply for this 30% ruling and can answer all your other tax-related questions.

Any questions about working and living in the Netherlands?

TOSS in Holland is there to help. You can contact TOSS in Holland via the contact page on their website or send an e-mail to [email protected]. Alternatively, you can ask them all your questions at the IamExpat Fair on October 1, 2022!



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