Top 5 apps to help you navigate the Netherlands

Top 5 apps to help you navigate the Netherlands

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Moving to a new country is never easy and it can take time to navigate your way around. Crown Relocations has picked five of their favourite apps to help get you started with your new move.


This is your go-to app for all things public transport in the Netherlands. Just enter your starting point and destination and it will give you all possible suggestions with real-time suggestions of how to get there via public transport. Personal preferences can be saved, and the layout is very user friendly. Handy to use in cities such as Amsterdam, Rotterdam, The Haag, Utrecht, and Maastricht!

Too Good To Go

This is a sustainability app that helps you cut down on food waste in your community. By connecting you with local cafes, restaurants, and bakeries, Too Good To Go lets people buy surplus food from restaurants, retailers and producers at a reduced price to stop it from going to waste. From delicious baked goods to fresh sushi, you’ll find some surprising bargains on here while doing your bit for the environment.


Uber is a great, cheaper alternative to normal taxis and there are plenty of Uber drivers available all around the Netherlands, including in Amsterdam and Rotterdam. However, did you know that Uber has a service to get you and your bike safely home in times of need? UberBIKE is a service where you can order a car to your location with a bicycle rack on the back, so you and your bicycle can get home safely; especially useful when it’s raining!


Biking is a big part of Dutch culture, but if you need a bit more than two wheels, SnappCar is a great app that can help you. It’s a popular Dutch car-sharing platform which operates in cities across the country. The app connects users to cars in their local neighbourhood which you can rent within minutes. And because you can choose electric cars with SnappCar, you won’t need to feel too guilty about leaving your bike at home either.


CityMapper is the ultimate transport and mapping app. Whether you like to walk, cycle or take public transport, this is the app for you! It calculates the time, distance and cost of various modes of transport around your city. This not only works in the Netherlands but in many countries and cities around the world. So, when you’re abroad, you can still use CityMapper to navigate your new city.

Moving can be both exciting and daunting. Crown Relocations has been helping people relocate internationally for over fifty years, offering support for all the logistical and emotional needs of you and those moving with you. Download their guide to help you relocate with confidence, so you can start living as soon as you arrive. Did Crown Relocations miss your favourite travel app? Let us know what apps or services you use to get around your city. 



Daniela Stoyanova

Daniela Stoyanova is a Moving Consultant for Crown Relocations.

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