Tilburg launches app trial to help the elderly cross the road

If you have trouble crossing the road; either because of a disability or you’re an elderly member of society, then there’s a new app being tested that might help in the future.

The Dynniq app

Dynniq, a company that aims to improve mobility in the Netherlands, has launched an app, nicknamed the "oversteek-app" (cross-the-road-app), and Tilburg is giving it a go.

Why Tilburg

The city of Tilburg claimed that many of its elderly complained about the challenge of crossing the road, particularly at the intersection between Hart van Brabantlaan and Sint Ceciliastraat. 

They claimed it was very difficult crossing as the traffic light would turn back to red before they got to the other side.

Now those people can install the app on their phone, allowing the traffic to recognise them and give them extra time to cross the road on green.

The age-technology discrepancy

According to Martin de Vries of Dynniq, most of the older generations have a smartphone, but of course, if someone doesn’t have a smartphone, then the technology will not be of any use to them. 

He believes, however, that it is worth reassuring them, as the app is quite easy to use. All they have to do is make sure their smartphone is on and with them, as the app can even run in the background.

The app uses the above Imflow technology to inform traffic lights. 

The way it works

Users download the app, which uses a traffic management system to alert the traffic lights. The traffic light will then stay green for longer, allowing the pedestrian to cross without rushing.

The app also has a function for people with sight impairment. The app is able to communicate this to the traffic light which will then know whether to sound the noise alerts or not.

The app is currently on a three-month trial and only works on Android smartphones.

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