Ticket price rises for Dutch public transport scrapped

Ticket price rises for Dutch public transport scrapped

The Dutch parliament has decided not to go ahead with the planned 10 percent rise in ticket prices for public transport in the Netherlands. A large number of Dutch political parties voted against the plans. 

Prices for trams, buses and trains will remain the same in 2024

The price increase was expected to affect trains, trams and buses across the Netherlands, starting in the new year. The rise in fares was deemed necessary to cover the surging cost of personnel and recoup the losses incurred during the peak of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The VVD, D66, CDA, PVV, SP, BBB, Volt, and SGP parties all voted against the rise in ticket prices, creating a large majority of opponents in the Dutch parliament. The new goal is for the House of Representatives to release 300 million euros in funding to keep transport prices from going up and stop further cuts to bus routes in several Dutch cities

NS to be given 120 million euros to keep train ticket prices stable

Dutch national rail company NS is set to receive a significant portion of the funding, with 120 million euros earmarked for the business. The funding comes after the train company faced criticism for cutting several train connections in order to cut costs. 

The announcement also comes shortly after the Dutch government laid out its budget for the next financial year, in which the country's representatives focused on tackling poverty and the rising cost of living. 

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