Three Amsterdam towers: a drone’s-eye view

Flying Mikes videographers have released a new video tribute to Amsterdam’s towers.

Profiling three unique structures, their footage shows how towers can define landscapes, push architectural and aesthetic boundaries, and defy the passage of time.

REM Eiland, the first tower in the video, is a restaurant built onto an oil rig on the harbour of Houthavens. Across the IJ, we see Faralda NSDM, a crane converted into a hotel. Finally, we close in on the centuries-old Ransdorpertoren in the countryside north of Amsterdam.

The video won first prize in the Open Tower Day photo/video competition for 2015.

Emily McCallum


Emily McCallum

Emily grew up in a small coastal town in western Canada and moved to Utrecht in 2014, after completing her studies in Vancouver and Germany. So far, she has been...

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