Dental Practice Plantage Middenlaan: Specialised treatments in English

Dental Practice Plantage Middenlaan: Specialised treatments in English


Living your whole life with your own, healthy teeth intact. This is what the specialists of Amsterdam Dental Practice Plantage Middenlaan are aiming for. How? By providing the best dental care possible.

To ensure healthy teeth, Plantage Middenlaan’s team provides a wide variety of quality treatments. You will receive a personalised treatment plan with several options available to you, matching your wishes and budget.

In-house specialised dental care

All specialised dental care is offered in-house, which ensures close communication between your dentist and specialists. Dentists, hygienists, and specialists work together under one roof, consulting each other daily about their clients and treatments. This means it’s faster to plan a treatment. And the faster you are helped, the better.

Payment plan

If a treatment costs more than you can afford at that moment in time, Dental Practice Plantage Middenlaan offers a convenient payment plan; spreading the costs out over several payments.

Prevention is key

Of course, prevention is better than cure. Therefore, you need to take good care of your teeth. Brush your teeth carefully, preferably twice a day, and make sure you go to a dentist regularly.

At Dental Practice Plantage Middenlaan, prevention is key. The dentists check for cavities, whilst the dental hygienists clean your teeth thoroughly, leaving you with a fresh and clean mouth.

Test your new smile

If you are not happy with your smile, you should know that there are ways to improve it. Often, it only takes a minor procedure.

But before you are treated, it would be nice to know what the end result will look like, right? Especially since some treatments may be quite pricey. During a comprehensive restorative treatment, the dentist will be able to show you your future teeth in a photo and video with Digital Smile Design. You can see yourself with a radiant new smile and beautiful teeth.

Together with a mock-up, a kind of test denture, you can indicate whether you want to customise the colour or shape of your new teeth. When you're completely satisfied with the test result, the dentist will start the treatment.

Multilingual staff

Dental Practice Plantage Middenlaan is a multilingual practice that embraces the diversity of its clients. All staff members speak fluent English and there are dentists in the practice who speak French, German, Italian and Portuguese as well. The qualified dentists and specialists of Dental Practice Plantage Middenlaan use modern equipment. But what is just as important, if not more important, is the team’s people-oriented approach.

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Pim 14:13 | 3 October 2017

Dental Practice Plantage Middenlaan is already for a long time listed on our website: . All we can say about them is they are really specialized in what they do. We can highly recommend this practice to all expats in Amsterdam.