Sunshine and warm weather just around the corner for the Netherlands

Sunshine and warm weather just around the corner for the Netherlands

Yes, it has been rather chilly the last couple of days, with a crisp northeasterly wind biting at your fingers and toes on your cycle to work and frosts at night. But hold on a little longer, as you’ll be able to put your winter coat away after the weekend.  

Turning point for Dutch weather

On Sunday, you’ll probably want to wear your hat, gloves and scarf, as, although the weather is set to stay dry, it is not going to be particularly warm (apart from in the south of Limburg). Temperatures of around 8 to 10C are expected, along with a brisk northeasterly wind, blowing at wind force 3 / 4. 

After Sunday, though, temperatures will gradually climb. On Monday, we can expect temperatures of 12C to 13C and sunshine all day long. The wind will have slightly turned, now blowing in from the east, making the air feel rather chilly. Tuesday appears to be dry, with temperatures climbing once more to reach 14C. The wind will be coming in from the east.

20 degrees: Time to put your winter coat away

Temperatures continue to soar throughout the week, with the possibility of hitting 20C on Thursday. If you don’t fancy arriving at work all sweaty, it might be a good idea to swap out your winter coat on Wednesday night. According to the weather forecast, Friday also promises to be pretty great spring weather too.

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