Sunday could see storms in the Netherlands

Sunday could see storms in the Netherlands

Everyone loves a good storm, right? Well, that is, unless you have to cycle through it and you’ve forgotten your oh-so-charming rain suit. Well, Sunday, September 29, could see the first real autumn storm this year.

Rainy days and gusts of wind

Hello autumn, and more specifically, Dutch autumn, which means lots and lots of rain. The last couple of days have been rainy and this doesn’t look set to change anytime soon, with a low-pressure area coming from Ireland and Great Britain bringing us yet more rain. Sunday, however, we may not just get rain, but a storm too!

If we get a storm on Sunday, it is due to a low-pressure area with a course from the Atlantic Ocean to Denmark via the North Sea. On its way there, the low-pressure area could develop into a storm depression, bringing not only wet weather but also extreme gusts of wind which could reach over 100 kilometres per hour!

Such weather is officially classed as a storm once an average of wind force 9 is measured across an hour at, at least, one KNMI weather station. The possibility of a storm is greatest on the northwest coast, around the IJsselmeer on the Wadden Islands and along the north coast.

Rainy but not cold

Usually, with the rain comes the bitter cold, but despite the expected wind and rain this Sunday, highs of 18C are expected. Whether or not we will actually get a storm remains to be seen, but if we do, it’ll be the first autumn storm we’ve had since October 29, 2017. Last year, we didn’t have any official storms in autumn. We have, however, had a storm recently, the last one being on August 10 in IJmuiden.




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