Summer weather expected to return to the Netherlands next week

Summer weather expected to return to the Netherlands next week

The rain and stormy weather that has swept across the country in the past week will slowly dissipate over the weekend and be replaced by much more pleasant weather.

Sun on the horizon

According to Weeronline, this week’s wet and windy weather is expected to dissipate over the weekend. There is more rain to come this afternoon but by tomorrow, the sun will start showing itself again. There will be a few showers and possibly some thunder but no more storms (for now). Temperatures are expected to peak between 19 and 22 degrees.

The weather on Saturday will be similar to Sunday, although much dryer. Sunday may bring a few clouds and showers, but the temperature is expected to shoot up to a maximum of 20 degrees in Texel, 22 degrees in Amsterdam and 24 degrees in Venlo and Enschede.

The really beautiful weather will make its way to us next week. Peak temperatures are expected to range from 20 degrees in the northwest to 25 degrees. Over the course of the week, the weather will only get better and better, hitting 30 degrees in the south and between 24 and 28 degrees along the coast.

Weather problems

The weather has been pretty terrible all week but yesterday the rain and heavy winds wreaked havoc across the country. Houses and buildings were flooded, and many had to be evacuated due to the severity of the flooding. Fire departments across the country responded to dozens of calls regarding flooding.

In Vlissingen, more than 100 millimetres of rain fell in 24 hours. To put that into context, usually only an average of about 58 millimetres of rain falls on the city throughout the entire month of June. 16 apartments had to be evacuated and the residents had to spend the night elsewhere.

The heavy rain also caused sewers to flood like in Woerden, where sewage floated through the streets. In Lopik, a school has had to remain closed today due to the severity of the flooding. The strong winds also caused a number of trees to fall and unfortunately, a 52-year-old woman was killed after a tree fell on her while she was cycling.

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