Summer temperatures in the Netherlands - but only for two days

Summer temperatures in the Netherlands - but only for two days

The Netherlands will experience a bout of summer weather heading into the weekend, with warmer temperatures and more sunshine, but it isn’t set to last. 

Temperatures on the rise in the Netherlands...

Weerplaza reports that the weather on Thursday, July 30, will remain dry and fairly sunny, with temperatures between 22 and 27 degrees - significantly higher than some temperatures experienced over the last two weeks. 

However, it is as we head into the weekend that a short but sweet summer really arrives. Friday, July 31, could see tropical temperatures of in the high twenties. The north of the country should experience temperatures of between 27 and 29 degrees, but as you travel south it could reach as high as 34. Friday will also be a lovely day of sunshine, so grab your sunglasses and sunscreen and make the most of it!

Saturday will mark the first day of August, but not a guarantee of ideal August weather. Instead, it will see a slight change in the wind direction, resulting in cooler weather. Some inland areas could reach highs of 30 degrees, but nearer the coast, it’s likely to be between 22 and 24. So not quite as nice, but still an improvement on the grey and dreary rain.

...But it won’t last very long

Don’t get too used to it though - this is the Netherlands after all, so expect a return to classic Dutch summer weather sooner rather than later. 

Sunday may still be quite warm, with highs in some areas of up to 26 degrees, however, it will be less sunny and there may be some showers in the afternoon. Similarly, Monday will mark the return of the normal Dutch summer, with maximum temperatures of 24 degrees and on-and-off cloud and rain throughout the day. 

And, as we reach Tuesday, August 4, prepare to remove the raincoat from the closet (again). Weerplaza reports an increased chance of rain showers, with more clouds and temperatures of around 21 degrees. At the moment, the forecast for the rest of next week looks pretty cool, pretty cloudy, and pretty wet.

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