Is summer in the Netherlands over already?

Is summer in the Netherlands over already?

Unfortunately, it appears as though it is for the foreseeable future. Looking at the forecast, it seems like last Sunday, August 11, was the nicest day we’ll be getting for a while.

Is Dutch summer gone?

From today onwards, it looks as if summer has left us and autumn is knocking on the door. Temperatures are set to drop, and your umbrella will quite likely be working overtime. The weather, as Dutch weather often is, will be fickle and whether or not temperatures will even reach 20C every day is questionable.

Nights are going to get colder too, which may be a relief for some, but for others, it will mean grabbing a thicker duvet or extra fleece. Night temperatures could drop below 10C if the sky is clear and there is little to no wind. Mid-week, we needn’t worry about little to no wind, as it is set to pick up. All of this summed up: wind, rain and low temperatures - equals early autumn.


Will the summer be coming back?

We are still holding onto hope, but weather models don’t seem to be on our side, with the 30-day forecast predicting a colder and wetter month than usual, and August possibly ending too cold and too wet overall. It’s not just the Netherlands that will be experiencing colder, wetter weather either; the whole of west, central and north Europe has a similar fate.

There is a kind of light at the end of the tunnel, as the tail of the 30-day forecast shows a slow return to “normal” weather, which will likely not be too cold and not too hot.

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