Students in Amsterdam robbed and made to transfer money to thieves

Students in Amsterdam robbed and made to transfer money to thieves

Several students have been victims of robberies near schools in the south of Amsterdam in recent months. During the crimes, the victims were surrounded in the street by thieves on bikes, before being forced to show their bank balance and make a payment in order to be released.

So-called Tikkie robberies being carried out in southern Amsterdam

The incidents, many of which took place in the South of Amsterdam, saw students become trapped in the street, where they would be forced to transfer money, and some forced to hand over their mobile phones, shoes and headphones.

The victims were trapped by the thieves’ transportation - namely by scooters or fatbikes. The victims were first forced to show how much money they had in the bank, and then if the balance was sufficient, they would call a third person who would make a payment request, which the victims had to fulfil before being released.

Dutch police arrest five suspects

So far, the Dutch police have arrested five suspects. Three of those arrested are minors, and three of those arrested are known to be so-called money mules - people who allow their banking details to be used by criminals.

A student told news channel AT5 about their experience being robbed: "It's annoying. They said 'show your phone'. Then we showed our phone and then they walked away". The police believe that there are more victims of the crimes who have not yet filed police reports. In these cases, they urge victims to do so.

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