Storm hat-trick with Ellen on the way to the Netherlands

Storm hat-trick with Ellen on the way to the Netherlands

To be honest, we’re already quite sick of cycling in headwind all the time, but it doesn’t look like it’s going to get better anytime soon – especially with storm Ellen on the way to ruin yet another weekend. It’s like these storms have a vendetta against us enjoying a nice weekend or something – why not arrive mid-week, so we don’t have to come into work? ;)

Storm Ellen to ruin your weekend

After Storm Ciara and Dennis, you’d think we’d get a break from strong winds and buckets of rain at the weekend, but no. It looks like Storm Ellen is coming for a visit this weekend, but that is not certain yet- so here’s hoping it doesn’t make landfall. If Ellen does reach the Netherlands, it will bring with it fickle weather with rain, heavy gusts of wind but also the possibility of a little sunshine.

If Ellen indeed hits the Netherlands, it will do so on Sunday – which will make for three Sunday storms in a row, which is pretty special, if not extremely annoying. Gusts of wind are expected to cause trouble at 75 to 100 km/h. We’ll have to wait and see if the storm actually makes it to the Netherlands.



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