Storm Dennis brewing in the Atlantic Ocean expected to hit this weekend

Storm Dennis brewing in the Atlantic Ocean expected to hit this weekend

We may still be struggling with the aftermath of Ciara (a.k.a. Sabine in Germany), but it doesn’t look like we’ll have long to recover as there is another storm brewing in the Atlantic Ocean. This one goes by the name of Dennis.

Storm Dennis on its way

After storm Ciara comes storm Dennis. Dennis is currently brewing in the Atlantic Ocean and is expected to reach the Netherlands on Sunday afternoon. According to current weather models, we can expect stormy winds of up to 100 to 120km/h on the northwest coast and on the Wadden Islands. It seems as though Dennis won’t be as destructive as Ciara, but weather models may change in the coming days.

Dennis gets his name from the Brits, just like Ciara. The names don’t carry any significance, they were sent in by the public, says a Royal Netherlands Meteorological Institute (KNMI) spokesperson. The next storm will also get a name sent in by the Brits, but after that, it’s time for one sent in by the Dutch public. The sixth storm will get the name Francis, after Francis Beaufort, creator of the Beaufort scale used to measure wind speed. The storm after Francis will get the Dutch name Gerda. After that, we’ll have to wait until J and P for the Dutch names Jan and Piet.

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