Stab-proof vests introduced for tram staff in The Hague

As of next month, ticket inspectors working on certain trams in The Hague will be provided with stab-proof vests.

The Hague’s major travel provider, HTM, is implementing the use of stab-proof vests in response to increasingly violent attacks on their staff.

Increase in general security

Many of those who assault HTM staff do so after being caught without a ticket. Accordingly, the introduction of the vests also ties in with new measures designed to crack down on ticket-dodgers.

The HTM will be implementing mass ticket-inspections on certain trains, done by plain-clothed ticket officials accompanied by assistant prosecutors. In case a fare-dodger becomes violent, the assistant prosecutor will have the power to immediately handcuff them.

HTM is also opening an office in the Hollands Spoor station. By increasing the number of uniformed staff in the area, officials hope to deter potentail criminals.

In trials last year, some staff complained that the vests were uncomfortable to wear. It is not yet known if or when these vests will become mandatory for all workers.


Elzi Lewis


Elzi Lewis

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