Spring & Summer Language Courses at Leiden University’s Language Centre

Spring & Summer Language Courses at Leiden University’s Language Centre

Looking for Dutch, English or other language courses in Leiden?

Either as a beginner or an advanced student, the Academic Language Centre is here for you!

Upcoming language & summer courses

The Academic Language Centre, part of the Faculty of Humanities at Leiden University, is organising a number of language and summer courses.

Courses starting in April 2014:

Dutch courses

 Dutch 1A (beginners course)
Tuesday or Wednesday | 5.15 - 7pm

 Prep course for Staatsexamen NT2, II
Wednesday | 3.15 - 6pm

 Other regular & intensive Dutch courses (Levels 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6)
Various days & times

English courses

 TOEFL iBT preparation course
Tuesday | 12.15 - 2.45pm

Courses starting in May 2014:

Dutch courses

 DutchPlus (advanced courses)
- Tuesday | 8.15 - 10pm (writing)
- Wednesday | 6.15 - 8pm (speaking)

English courses

 English (Level 4, semi-intensive)
Tuesday + Thursday | 12.15 - 2pm

 English (Level 5, semi-intensive)
Tuesday & Thursday | 3.15 - 5pm

Other Languages

Semi-intensive courses for:

Summer courses:

starting in July / August

Dutch courses

 Dutch (Levels 1, 23, 4)
July 7-25 or August 4-22

 Dutch (Levels 1 + 2)
July 21 - August 22

 Dutch for native speakers of German
July 3 - August 6

Other languages

 English (Levels 4, 5)
 Arabic (Levels 1+2)
 Chinese (Levels 1+2)
 French (Levels 2+3 & Levels 4+5)
 German (Levels 2+3)
 Italian (Levels 1+2)
 Japanese (Levels 1+2)
 Russian (Levels 1+2)
 Spanish (Levels 1+2)

About The Academic Language Centre

The Academic Language Centre provides language services both to students and staff of Leiden University and to external parties (individual learners and institutions).

Leiden University’s Language Centre works with experienced teachers who are specialists in providing language and cultural training to candidates with a higher academic background. Cultural aspects constitute a firm feature of all the courses offered.

For more info:
 Email: Talencentrum[at]hum.leidenuniv[dot]nl
 Tel: +31 (0) 71 527 23 32, or
 +31 (0) 71 527 23 32
 Follow Academic Language Centre on Facebook
 Visit in person at Lipsius Building, Cleveringaplaats 1, Room 1.25, Leiden

Leiden University Academic Language Centre

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