Special traffic lights in Bodegraven to alert smartphone addicts

Special traffic lights in Bodegraven to alert smartphone addicts

In the age of smartphones and social media addictions, we can all admit to having given our smartphones more attention to than the traffic.

But now, we’re being rewarded for it! The small Dutch town of Bodegraven has followed on from the German city of Augsburg in coming up with traffic lights that are not at eye level but on the ground.

By embedding LED lights into the pavement, the city council of Bodegraven hopes to alert not only pedestrians who are paying attention but smartphone addicts as well. 

HIG Traffic Systems

Bodegraven firm, HIG Traffic Systems has developed the +Lichtlijn (+Lightline); a way of linking up normal traffic lights to LED strips embedded in the pavement. The lights work on a synchronised system so they change colour at the same time. 

City council concerns

Whilst it’s a good idea, in theory, +Lichtlijn has been met with criticism. A member of Veilig Verkeer Nederland (Safe Traffic Netherlands) claims that the authorities are "rewarding bad behaviour".

Despite this concern, Bodegraven city council member Kees Oskam believes that nothing can be done about the current smartphone trends and that it’s more important to anticipate the problems and find solutions.

The future of traffic lights

Bodegraven is currently only testing the lights in a trial primarily aimed at pedestrians; warning them to cross the road at the right time.

Whilst there are currently only one set of lights located at the intersection between Goudseweg and Vrije Nesse in Bodegraven, HIG Traffic Systems hope to sell the +Lichtlijn to other local authorities soon.

Three school districts in Bodegraven have already expressed their interest in adopting the lights at their local school crossing. 

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