Solar power accounted for almost 30 percent of Dutch energy in July

Solar power accounted for almost 30 percent of Dutch energy in July

According to data released by solar energy company Zonneplan, solar power accounted for 28,96 percent of the energy used in the Netherlands in July, marking an increase of over 10 percent compared to July 2021. 

Solar and wind account for over 43 percent of electricity used

Earlier this summer, it was reported that the Netherlands was setting the standard when it came to solar energy, holding the record for the most solar panels per capita in Europe. Now, new figures have revealed just how much the country relies on the sun for energy - and how the importance of solar power has grown significantly in recent months. 

According to Zonneplan, 28,96 percent of the electricity used last month came from solar power, compared to just 17,66 percent in July 2021. Similarly, demand for wind energy has increased substantially over the past year. Wind power was the source of 14,55 percent of the electricity used last month, meaning renewable energy accounted for (at least) 43,24 percent of all electricity used. 

The Netherlands turns to alternative energy sources

While the Dutch government moves to increase the production of coal-fired energy and looks for alternative energy sources in an attempt to limit reliance on Russian gas in response to the ongoing war in Ukraine, it seems as though solar power is only becoming more and more popular in the Netherlands. 

The sunny weather in June and July is largely responsible for the significant increase in the use of solar power, and with August set to be another sunny month, it appears as though this trend could continue through to the end of the summer season. A spokesperson for Zonneplan also notes that the country has worked effectively to substantially increase the number of solar panels in recent years.

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