Shop like a Dutchie with Flink's hassle-free delivery app

Shop like a Dutchie with Flink's hassle-free delivery app


Tired of navigating crowded supermarket aisles, dealing with confusing labels or engaging in small talk at checkout? As an expat in the Netherlands, grocery shopping can feel like a real-life maze. But luckily there's a revolutionary solution that's changing the game - cue Flink. Say hello to easy, same-day delivery and discover the new way to shop like a Dutchie with a 15 euro discount if you use the voucher "EXPATSLOVEFLINK".

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Lost in translation?

Imagine a shopping experience where you can stock up on all the stroopwafel and kaas you want, without ever having to reveal your (lack of) language skills. Or a supermarket environment where your broken Dutch won’t accidentally lead you to buy dog food instead of tomato soup!

With the Flink grocery app, you get to strike the perfect balance between an overly-human cashier and beeping your way through the sad self-checkout. A few seconds of social interaction with the friendly Flink riders is exactly what you need to hit the sweet spot. No more confusion or awkwardness at checkout, no more unexpected purchases - just a super-smooth service tailored to your busy expat lifestyle.

A superhero supermarket

But how does Flink work exactly, and why is it the best way to buy groceries in the Netherlands as an expat? Well, the app is basically like having your own pocket supermarket - ideal for your busy lifestyle. Whenever you please, you can just tap your way from aisle to aisle, order what you need, and have everything conveniently and directly delivered to your door.

There are more than 2.300 grocery items available at great prices, from fresh foods and tasty drinks to a range of household helpers. All you need to keep your cupboards and fridge stocked up!

Flink: Delivering in every way

If that hasn’t got you downloading the app already, you might wanna take a look at all the reasons to do so. They’re pretty self-explanatory if you ask us.

  • Fast delivery: Your order will likely be delivered in less time than it took you to decide which snacks to order for tonight’s Netflix & Chill.
  • Pocket-friendly: With many of the items priced at supermarket value, convenience and cost-effectiveness can go hand-in-hand.
  • Favourite brands: Your partner’s into a different mayo brand than you? Save yourself the debate, stock both to keep everyone happy.
  • All-inclusive range: So you need to buy groceries but also need tights for tonight – and your washing-up liquid just ran out? Buy it all in one go!
  • User-friendly app: The app interface is so intuitive that even the most tech-challenged person in your family would manage.
  • Time & stress-saving: When meditation and yoga aren’t enough, Flink helps time stand still and lift a huge weight off your shoulders.

The gift of groceries: Get a 15-euro discount!

Trying something new can feel a bit wild nowadays but you're probably still curious! This is why Flink has a little gift for you, so that you can try it out yourself and see what you think: it’s 15 euros off your next order. This means that you’re basically getting three tubs of Ben & Jerry’s ice-cream (just a suggestion) - on the house!

Now’s the perfect moment to kickstart your Flink experience - you won’t need to endure winter treks to the store, instead you can stay in your comfort zone and work on building your cosy cocoon … filled with snacks, of course.

All you’ve gotta do is download the app, copy the code "EXPATSLOVEFLINK" and paste it into the voucher section at checkout. No need to thank us for this d*mn good discovery!



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