Sharp rise in unemployment in the Netherlands

The number of people unemployed in the Netherlands has risen by 30.000 during March to a total of 643.000, 8,1 percent of the total working-age population!

These figures have been released by CBS, the national bureau for statistics in the Netherlands. Earlier this month the agency revealed that the Netherlands has the 2nd highest inflation rate in the eurozone, and these new statistics on unemployment have thrown yet another gauntlet down for a coalition desperately trying to reverse the accelerating joblessness in the country.

25 to 44 year-olds

The sharpest rise in unemployment came from people in the 25-44 years-old bracket where an average of 11.000 people lost their jobs in each of the last three months. Among the over-45s this rate was 8.000 and among the under-25s 4.000.

Unemployment benefits

The only glimpse of optimism afforded by the CBS was in the statistics concerning unemployment benefit. The number of people claiming benefit under the age 25 declined slightly and of the 45.000 benefits which were stopped, 20.000 were as a result of people finding work, a rise of 20 percent from February.

However, the overall number of people claiming unemployment aid rose by 0,8 percent in March, a total of 48.000 people, and the number of people whose benefits were stopped as a result of their period of entitlement running out also rose.

Mark McDaid


Mark McDaid

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