Sharp increase in anti-Semitic incidents in the Netherlands

Sharp increase in anti-Semitic incidents in the Netherlands

The number of anti-Semitic incidents reported to the Israel Information and Documentation Centre (CIDI) increased by 35 percent in 2019. 182 reports of anti-Semitic behaviour were registered, the highest number since records began.

The number of anti-Semitic incidents skyrockets

Founded in 1974, CIDI is a Dutch organisation that is dedicated to combating anti-Semitism and defending “the Jewish people’s right to a peaceful and secure existence, in Israel and around the world.” Every year since 1984, CIDI has released a report regarding anti-Semitic incidents recorded in the Netherlands.

In 2019, the number of reports of anti-Semitic incidents rose by 35 percent to 182, the highest since records began. Before this, the highest number of reported anti-Semitic incidents was in 2014. 171 incidents were reported then, which CIDI explained as a consequence of the conflict between Israel and Hamas in Gaza. “There is no such link in 2019,” said the centre.

After 2014, the number of incidents decreased to 126 in 2015 and then to 109 in 2016. After 2016, the number of reports continued to increase. These numbers only reflect incidents that have been reported to the police. CIDI fears that the real number of incidents is probably much higher, since “victims of anti-Semitism rarely make a report to the police because they fear that a report will lead to nothing.”

Insults, confrontations and social media

Most of the incidents were reports of insults, which increased from 18 in 2018 to 44 last year. Anti-Israel demonstrations in Dam square lead to 18 reports of anti-Jewish chanting. There were fewer cases of vandalism and confrontations and only two incidents that involved physical attacks on Jewish homes.

CIDI does not include anti-Semitic insults found on social media in its official numbers but has expressed its concern regarding social media companies' lack of action. CIDI registered 127 incidents of online anti-Semitism in 2019, up from 95 in 2018.

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