Share My Voice: Training and education for expats in the Netherlands

Share My Voice: Training and education for expats in the Netherlands

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Training and education for expats in the Netherlands? Share your voice about your wishes and plans!

Tens of thousands of expats from all over the world are working in the Netherlands. This diverse group of hard-working people is crucial to the Dutch economy and many companies cannot manage without them. However, despite their value and importance to the Netherlands, many people know hardly anything about expats. In addition, there is a lot of talk about expats, but the Dutchies hardly talk with them. Therefore, Share My Voice wants the voice of expats to be heard! Take part and speak up too via!

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Share my Voice!

People in the Netherlands hardly ever listen to the opinions, feelings and experiences of expats. That is why Share My Voice was launched earlier this year.

Share My Voice is an independent research panel which conducts brief surveys so that the voice of expats can be heard. They want to help Dutch people to better understand these expats and the research results are also shared with employers, housing providers and governments in order to improve the working and living environment of expats. After all, to ensure that expats are happy in the Netherlands, the Dutch government and international businesses need to listen to expats themselves to find out what to improve.

Quality of life and healthcare

This year's first survey, which was taken by over 1.600 migrant workers, showed that 74 percent of expats would like to have more contact with native Dutch people. The residential climate is perceived to be particularly positive, although salary, employee benefits and working conditions also played an important role. Housing and living conditions were most likely to be perceived negatively. The second survey showed a lack of health and safety facilities and information for international workers.

The results of both surveys have already been shared widely in order to improve the working and living conditions of expats.

Training, education and career ambitions

Currently, Share My Voice is conducting a survey amongst expats about training and education at work. They want to find out what expats expect from their employers regarding training on the job and to what degree they want (and are provided with) schooling opportunities. This survey also focuses on the wishes and opportunities of expats for further developing their careers.

Share your experiences by taking part and filling out the questionnaire! Use this opportunity to communicate your wishes and issues and help to improve the experience of current and future expats in the Netherlands.

Let your voice be heard

Extra information about Het Kenniscentrum Arbeidsmigranten

Share My Voice is an initiative of Het Kenniscentrum Arbeidsmigranten: an independent foundation whose goal is to develop and gather knowledge about labour migrants. Various surveys are carried out among labour migrants about, for example, working conditions, housing, integration, ambitions and prospects for the future.

With these surveys, they strive to better inform civilians, businesses, governments and other parties about labour migrants. This improves the knowledge available to them and allows them to better attract, motivate and retain labour migrants, while also making better decisions. Think of, for example, other, more affordable forms of housing and more development opportunities in the workplace.

Lars Hennissen


Lars Hennissen

Lars Hennissen is working at Kenniscentrum Arbeidsmigranten. As such he is working on gathering knowledge and insights about international workers in The Netherlands. These information gives civilians, businesses and governments...

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