Contracts and effortless contract systems for businesses

Contracts and effortless contract systems for businesses


Selene Snippe is a native English-speaking lawyer based in Amsterdam. She helps (global) service-based entrepreneurs and online creatives by providing (reusable) contracts and effortless contract systems. With Selene by your side, you can do business in the Netherlands and worldwide.

Selene the Lawyer provides two main services:

  1. Reusable contracts and legal website bundles at fixed fees through her contract shop
  2. A full legal service on a fixed fee subscription basis, so Selene becomes your external legal counsel

In addition, Selene the Lawyer facilitates setting up and incorporating companies.


Contract shop

Purchase the contract service you need for your niche and have it drafted by a licensed attorney. Every business in every niche is different, and Selene believes that no one-size-fits-all contract exists that provides equal protection to every specific business. Therefore, Selene the Lawyer does not offer standard templates that you have to customise yourself (and hope for the best).

Selene the Lawyer drafts a specific contract for your particular business that includes specific clauses that are necessary to protect your business anywhere, whether that be in the Netherlands or globally. The contracts are reusable and can be customised for each specific client and / or situation.

Find the contract you need at the contract shop. Can’t find the contract you need? Or not sure which contracts your business needs? Drop Selene an email, and she’ll give you a fixed fee quote.

Subscription service

When running a business, random legal questions pop up, decisions with legal consequences must be made, and contracts need to be drafted, reviewed and negotiated. Selene the Lawyer can function as your external legal counsel with a monthly subscription on a flat fee basis.

Selene the Lawyer provides a full legal support service, including:

  1. Implementing a contract system that works for your business (so you get paid fast)
  2. Handling all your contracts for you, from draft to termination
  3. Answering your legal questions in relation to your business through scheduled calls

No more missed deadlines, missed opportunities for audits, price increases, renegotiations or renewals, imposed fines, or terminations. Most importantly, Selene’s contract systems prevent you from not getting paid (on time).

Find out more about what is included in the full legal support subscription service here

Set up a company

To set up a limited liability company, you need a team with legal, tax and notarial expertise. Selene the Lawyer’s partnerships back you up with the right expertise and helps you set up and structure your company, whether that be a Dutch limited liability company (in Dutch; besloten vennootschap, or BV, in short) or a company in another country.

For more information on Selene’s company setup service, go to Selene’s company setup page.



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