Scooters definitely off the cycle path in Amsterdam next year

Scooters definitely off the cycle path in Amsterdam next year

A ban on scooters on the cycle path has been a much-discussed topic since last year when the Dutch House of Representatives expressed support for it. This year, as of July 1, municipalities could implement said ban.

Date set for scooter ban

Back in July, the mayor of Amsterdam and the aldermen met to discuss the matter and from August 14 until September 24, residents were able to give their point of view on the issue. Almost 4.700 people did so; however, no new arguments were presented and therefore no large changes have been made to the previously published plans.

A definite date has now been chosen for the implementation of the ban, namely April 8, 2019. From this date onwards, scooters will have to move to the road and drivers will be required to wear a helmet. The ban applies to the area inside the A10 motorway, with a few exceptions.

Preparations for the scooter ban in Amsterdam

Amsterdam is the first municipality in the Netherlands to implement the scooter ban, since municipalities have been given the authority to do so. In the coming months, Amsterdam will be preparing the streets for the new cycle path rules.

Road signs and temporary markings will make it clear to those on scooters when they need to go on the road. Those with scooters in Amsterdam and the surrounding municipalities will receive a letter this week, informing them of the new rules.

Additionally, in the spring, a large awareness campaign will be launched focussing on the new traffic rules and specifically targeting scooter drivers and other road users. Children at schools in Amsterdam will also be educated on the new traffic situation.

Fines for driving on the cycle path

Once the ban has been implemented, for the subsequent two months, traffic controllers will be deployed across the city to inform and help those on scooters with the new rules. Those driving a scooter without a helmet or on the cycle path, which will be off limits for scooters, will be subject to a 95 euro fine.

From April 8, the municipality of Amsterdam will conduct extensive research, monitoring and assessing congestion, speed, hindrances, the response of other traffic, the safety of scooter drivers and the interaction between road users. Take look at the map, created by the municipality, to see where scooters are allowed to drive on the cycle path. Such streets are highlighted in purple.

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Amsterdave 09:03 | 18 December 2018

This is great news. However, what about the bikes with no lights after dark? Or bike riders running red lights? #MakeAmsterdamSafeAgain