What does summer 2020 in the Netherlands have in store?

What does summer 2020 in the Netherlands have in store?

As schools across the Netherlands start to break up for the summer holidays, travel restrictions and coronavirus measures mean many won't be going through with their usual summer plans. What will the holidays look like in the Netherlands, and what does summer 2020 have in store?

Quieter highways and airports

High coronavirus infection rates and strict travel rules worldwide mean many people are hesitant to get on a plane or travel too far. The Netherlands is expecting 12 million fewer tourists this summer as a result of the pandemic, and is anticipating that those who do travel here will be from neighbouring countries such as Germany and Belgium.

Friday July 3 will see schools in the Dutch provinces of North Holland, Friesland, Groningen, Drenthe, Overijssel, and Flevoland close for summer holidays. Schools are also closing in Germany.

But with many still feeling cautious about the virus, the Royal Dutch Touring Club (ANWB) doesn’t expect high traffic levels this weekend. The start of this summer is unlikely to unleash a large exodus of holiday makers, and consequently roads will be less busy than they were this time last year. The busiest periods for roads in Europe are late July and early August, but experts say that traffic in 2020 will be significantly lighter than in other years.

Furthermore, in spite of the EU releasing a list of 14 safe countries for travel, many airlines and train companies have received less bookings than usual for this time of year. Spokesperson for ticket website vakantiediscounter Linda Vlaanderen noted that travellers are looking for carefree holidays, so are putting off booking anything until they’re sure that where they want to go is safe. There have been more last-minute trips booked, and travellers are also looking into options for quick and easy cancellations and insurance.

Staycation in the Netherlands?

The Dutch government also continues to encourage people living in the Netherlands not to travel too far this season, and instead opt for a staycation. But if you do decide to stay here for the summer months, what weather can you expect?

Anyone who looks out the window today can agree it doesn’t quite look (or feel) like summer yet. Meteorologist Brian Verhoeven says we can expect autumn-like conditions this weekend, with clouds, rain, and heavy winds on the way. However, stay hopeful, because next week will see it dry up again and we may even be lucky enough to get some sunshine.

As for what the rest of the summer will look like, that's not quite clear. Dutch weather is known for being unpredictable, so if you are planning on staying put make sure you keep an eye on weather forecasts - and perhaps keep an umbrella handy.

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