Schiphol slips in airport ranking, no longer one of Europe’s best

Schiphol slips in airport ranking, no longer one of Europe’s best

It likely won’t come as a surprise to anyone who’s flown out of any Dutch airports over the past couple of months, but a recent ranking put together by airport information website has revealed that Schiphol is no longer regarded as one of the top airports in Europe, while Eindhoven receives below-average ratings from travellers. airport satisfaction survey 2022

Assessing the average Google review score of the 100 busiest airports in Europe, has put together a ranking of the best and worst airports across the continent. In order to put together a definitive ranking, if any airports received the same average rating, the one with the higher number of passengers in 2019 received the higher spot.

In the 2022 edition of the study, found that airports in the north and west of Europe faced a number of issues in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic as travel restrictions were lifted and passengers returned to the skies. 

Airports that performed particularly well generally enjoyed short queues, good public transport connections, friendly staff, fast WiFi, and clean toilets. Parking options, short walking distances, and the availability of food and plug sockets were also found to be particularly important amongst travellers.

Schiphol and Eindhoven fall in airport ranking after chaotic summer

While Schiphol has historically been regarded as one of the best and most efficient airports in the world, long queues, cancelled flights, and lost luggage over the past several months mean it has slipped in various international rankings. Earlier this year it was revealed as one of the worst airports in Europe for flight delays - although back in the spring it still managed to be ranked as one of the top 15 airports in the world

This latest ranking sees Schiphol Airport receive an average of four out of five stars, putting it in 39th place overall. Eindhoven Airport, on the other hand, appears much further down the list, in 69th place with a “disappointing” score of 3,8 out of five. 

The best and worst airports in Europe in 2022

While the top 10 was dominated by airports in popular holiday destinations in southern Europe, Zurich came out on top as the best European airport in 2022. The bottom 10, on the other hand, featured a number of airports in cities in northern Europe, such as Manchester and London, with Berlin Brandenburg Airport ranked as the fifth-worst in Europe.

According to the 2022 ranking, the 10 best airports in Europe are:

  1. Zurich Airport - 4,4
  2. Athens Airport - 4,4
  3. Porto Airport - 4,4
  4. Izmir Adnan Menderes Airport - 4,4
  5. Astana Airport - 4,4 
  6. Helsinki Airport - 4,3
  7. Alicante Airport - 4,3 
  8. Larnaca Airport - 4,3
  9. Malta Airport - 4,3 
  10. Gdansk Airport - 4,3

The 10 worst are:

  1. Bordeaux Airport - 2,6
  2. Heraklion Airport - 2,7
  3. Manchester Airport - 2,9
  4. London Luton Airport - 3,0
  5. Berlin Brandenburg Airport - 3,2
  6. Pisa Airport - 3,3
  7. Rome Ciampino Airport - 3,3
  8. Nantes Airport - 3,3
  9. Charleroi Airport - 3,3
  10. London Stansted Airport - 3,3

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