Schiphol must fill 800 jobs by April to keep up with passenger numbers

Schiphol must fill 800 jobs by April to keep up with passenger numbers

While things at Schiphol appear to have calmed down, the airport reportedly needs to hire 800 new security personnel by April 2023 in order to accommodate the high passenger numbers expected over the spring and summer. 

Schiphol presents plan to prevent chaos next summer

Schiphol’s most recent cap on passenger numbers seems to be working for now, but with the holidays right around the corner and the new year fast approaching, the airport has little time to recruit new workers and fill vacancies in time for the rush in the spring.

With passenger numbers in 2023 expected to reach 2019 levels, airport management has put together a plan which should prevent the long queues and severe disruption that was seen at the airport over the summer

Biggest Dutch airport needs to hire 800 security personnel

As part of the plan, which Schiphol presented to airlines at the beginning of December, the airport says it aims to hire 800 new staff members to fill vacancies in security. Achieving this should mean the airport runs as smoothly as it did before the coronavirus pandemic.

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