Schiphol launches separate queues for passengers without luggage

From Saturday, July 1, travellers without hand luggage will be asked to join a separate queue at security in order to help facilitate a better flow and speed up the time it takes to get through to the departure lounge.

"It's over for passengers who only have a handbag, laptop or small backpack," says a Schiphol spokesman. 

Popular Schiphol

Schiphol has been in the news frequently due to its long queues.  The spring holidays meant the airport was busier than usual with lots of visitors to the Netherlands.

Queues often reached unprecedented times, and many people complained about missing flights.

In addition to the holidays, many airlines now also charging for luggage over 10 kilos in weight.

Security control rooms

The airport has three security control areas. All passengers must pass through one of these in order to reach the departure lounge. During peak hours, all passengers without luggage will be invited by airport staff to join a special queue.

Travellers with larger luggage trolleys, large bags and backpacks will stay in the usual queues and have to endure the time it takes to get through security checks.

"Travellers without hand luggage can stay in the trolleyrij (trolley queue), for example, if their travel companion has to wait there, but group travellers with suitcases cannot hitch a ride with a companion that doesn’t have a suitcase."

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