Schiphol Airport to test "super battery" to reduce emissions

Schiphol Airport to test "super battery" to reduce emissions

Schiphol Airport in Amsterdam has announced that it will be testing a new “super battery” in the coming months, in order to relieve the burden on the power grid and reduce emissions produced by the airport

Schiphol installs “world first” battery to power ground equipment

The Iron Flow Battery - which Schiphol says is a world first in an airport - has already been installed on the A / B apron. The battery will provide a reliable power supply to the airport’s electrical Ground Power Units (e-GPUs), which provide electricity to parked planes in areas where there is no fixed ground supply. 

This means that the aircrafts’ auxiliary engines can remain switched off when on the ground, reducing both noise pollution and emissions. It will also reduce the load on the local power grid. 

Iron Flow Battery runs on iron and salt water

The Iron Flow Battery is unusual in that, in contrast to lithium batteries, it uses only widely available natural materials - iron and salt water - which, according to a Schiphol press release, have a lower environmental impact and are fire safe.

The battery will be extensively tested over the coming months. Sybren Hahn, Executive Director of Infrastructure at Schiphol, said in a statement that if the trial is successful, more batteries will follow, with the aim of “making all ground equipment emission-free and electric.” Schiphol Airport is aiming to become emission-free and waste-free by 2030.

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